Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fisher Branch Flower Farm

I'm an amature gardener, but being new to the Eastern US, Southern region and mountain climate, I have no idea what to grow or where to grow it.  To avoid wasting a lot of time and money on planting flowers that may make me more sad than glad, I've given myself the year off.  Instead of feeding my inner 'anal rententive' gardener (thank you Preble), I’ve been sitting back to enjoy a week by week introduction to the flora and its various stages of bloom. As Spring progressed in WNC, I knew I had to find a regular supplier for weekly cut flower bouquets. I found my favorite in Fisher Branch Flower Farm.

Peonies are one thing East has over West.
Jennifer's flowers in your home may make
giving up the outdoors to avoid bugs and humidity slightly less annoying.

Jennifer Miller runs her flower farm out of Marshal, NC and sells her loose flowers, as well as a variety of seasonal bouquets, at the Asheville City Market. She is very popular, so get there early for the best selection.

Super lacy Hydrangeas feel so Springy

Week after week, I'm impressed with the variety and creativity of Jennifer's bouquets. Her attention to detail in presentation sets her apart. The bouquets are well trimmed, stems cleaned and wraps colorful, yet still earthy. They look equally pretty enough to give as a gift as they would in a crystal vase.

Summer sunflowers and glads bring the sun indoors, but not the heat.
Jennifer's arrangements always make me smile.
In general, I get a full week out of my bouquet and her prices are reasonable at between $6-$15 an arrangement. She offers a subscription to weekly arrangements, as well, and is available for weddings. In the late Fall, she creates holiday wreath arrangements.

I’ll be adding some pictures of the flower farm after my next trip to Marshall.

I bought mine at Asheville City Market

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